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Developing resources about housing for GPs, CCGs and other community-based health professionals

Housing, GPs and CCGs

Developing resources about housing for GPs, CCGs and other community-based health professionals

Template for examples of health and wellbeing projects

Healthcare professionals working in the community often have very limited knowledge of the developments that are taking place within the housing sector to address the health and well-being among residents.

NHS Alliance is developing some resources to bring together insights into innovations taking place within the housing sector and new ways of working between housing and health, and make them available and accessible to health professionals. It is intended for GPs, practice managers, nurses and other community health professionals as well as CCGs, so that they can see what’s possible and be inspired to try new ways to working themselves.

Health professionals are trained to get to the heart of the matter quickly. They are much more likely to take in information if it is in a succinct and clear form. They are also more likely to take notice if your project already has the support of, or is commissioned by, the NHS.

This is a template for housing services providers to use to describe each of their housing and health projects so that it will resonate with the intended audience. Please use a separate template for each project.

Descriptions of projects that are short, concise and contain relevant information will be incorporated into the NHS Alliance’s web-based resource which will be publicised widely to among primary care and community professionals.

If you cannot download the template as an editable word document, please copy and paste the questions below into a blank word document or email.

Once completed, please submit the case study to Merron Simpson:  merron@newrealities.co.uk


1.     What is the title of your project?


2. Which of the following category does your project most closely relate to? (please choose only 1 or 2 at most)

  • Proactive prevention to reduce use of NHS services in general
  • Older people – planning ahead for suitable housing
  • Older people – living well, staying connected
  • Social prescribing/community navigator roles linked to GP surgery
  • Addressing poor or cold homes of patients
  • People with complex needs or behaviours
  • Long Term Conditions Management
  • Reducing demand on hospitals including readmissions
  • Family health, young people and children
  • End of life / palliative care
  • Reducing health inequalities
  • Homeless people
  • Property and premises for health and wellbeing uses
  • Other – please say


2.     Is your project currently

  • commissioned by a CCG?
  •  funded by a Network of Federation of GP Practices?
  • funded by Public Health?
  • funded by the local authority (but not directly by public health)?
  • funded by your organisation?
  • other?


Please tell us more about the nature of the commissioning/funding relationship (max 50 words)


3.   Which other organisations or groups of people does it involve?



4.     Who is your project aimed at?

  • Your residents only
  • Residents of private housing
  • Both


Please tell us more specifically who your project is aimed at (max 30 words)


5.     Provide a brief description of the project (maximum 50 words)



6.     What does your project aim to do? What are the outcomes you expect to achieve? How are you measuring success? (max 150 words).



7.     Is there evidence that your project:

  • reduces the likelihood of people attending a GP practice?
  • reduces the likelihood of people being admitted to hospital?
  • takes pressure off the NHS in another way?
  • takes the pressure off other health services?
  • is cost-effective?
  • benefits citizens?


Please tell us how you are evaluating the project/ What evidence do you have or are collecting? Include any interim results that demonstrate and/or quantify your claims or other outcomes you intend to achieve (max 150 words).


Are you able to send more information about the evidence (eg. a report) along with this completed template?

  • Yes
  • No


8.     How does it do what you are aiming for / evidencing in 6 and 7? (max 100 words)



9.     Are you happy for NHS Alliance to post the information you have supplied about your project to our website?

  • Yes
  • No


If you would like to attach (or include a link to) a photograph, video or animation relating to the Project, we will endeavour to use that within the resource too.

10.  Your

  • name
  • organisation
  • email address
  • tel no.


Are you happy for us to include these contact details on the NHS Alliance website, with the example you submit?