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Jonathan Serjeant: collaborate lead

Jonathan Serjeant

Jonathan is a GP partner and healthcare entrepreneur who works with people to find a better solutions to our current healthcare systems.

He is executive director/co-founder of Brighton and Hove Integrated care Service (BICS). This non for profit social enterprise exists to transform care from “what’s the matter?” To “what matters to you?” BICS achieves this through developing pathways of care that support people to be in control of their healthcare, and supporting general practice to collaborate to be part of the sustainable solution in their local health community.

Since the beginning in 2008 BICS has grown from four people to over two hundred and fifty employees. BICS has led the on the delivery of Prime Contracting in Musculoskeletal, Wellbeing, and Dermatology services, and has recently won over £400 million MSK contracts in Sussex.

Jonathan led the bid and visioning of EPiC (Extended Primary integrated Care), a successful Prime Ministers Challenge fund bid. BICS underpins the design and implementation of EPiC across 18 GP practices and 20 pharmacies in Brighton.

Jonathan is also a founder and director of Medical Imaging PartnershipGPnetworks, Optymalhealth consultancy and an NHS Alliance Executive Team member.