The New NHS Alliance is a values-led movement of people and organisations committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. Expanding beyond its core roots in general practice and primary care, the Alliance embraces a wide range of professional sectors and is focused on health inequalities and the practice of health creation. Neither professional body nor trade union, it is open-minded, people-centred and solutions-focused and bringing together a more than 10,000 passionate individuals and organisations.

Our mission is … to infect the UK health sector with wellness

In May 2017, we launched ‘A Manifesto For Health Creation’

  • This ground-breaking Manifesto sets out 10 high impact recommendations to create a wellness-based health system, aimed at tackling the continuing problem and social injustice of health inequalities.
  • This Manifesto is different. It is not more of the same, but a way of creating health that decreases dependency, increases people’s resilience and reduces their demands on traditional health and care services.
  • We hope our Manifesto inspires you to adopt health creating practices – and to join the New NHS Alliance and the Health Creation movement!

Please click on the link below to download the Manifesto:

A Manifesto For Health Creation

We want to make Health Creation and health creating practices a core part of the UK healthcare system alongside a greater focus on prevention. We believe that this is the best way to reduce health inequalities and deliver a sustainable health service.

We are in the business of creating conditions for the NHS and other organisations to adopt and practice health creation and we will do this by:

  • Raising understanding of health creation and supporting the development of health creating practices – so that communities, families and individuals are increasing their levels of the 3Cs
  • Promoting and supporting innovation in health and new, more effective and efficient models for primary and community care
  • Supporting collaboration across health, care, housing and beyond to secure better outcome for people and communities
  • Reducing and overcoming barriers that inhibit innovation, collaboration between organisations and the adoption of place-based models of care
  • Supporting emergence of new styles of leadership within the health sector, enabling a wider range of organisations and communities themselves to become active participants in the healthcare system
  • Influencing government policy and programmes to create a national framework in which health-creating and preventative healthcare is supported

2018 Partnership Summit

Health Creation: Wealth Creation – fighting health inequalities using community assets

Kings House Conference Centre

Manchester, 21 November 2018

Join us at the New NHS Alliance 2018 Partnership Summit and be part of a powerful movement that is tackling the injustice of health inequalities through Health Creation.

Headlined by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, and supported by top-class speakers, compelling case studies and people with lived-experience, the Partnership Summit will be a pivotal event in the transformation of health economies across the north.

Download here is the draft programme for the day.

Visit EventBrite today to read more about the Summit and to book your free place.

2018 Excellence in Health Creation Awards

Now Open for Entries

Now in its third year, the New NHS Alliance Excellence in Health Creation Awards provides you and/or your organisation with an opportunity to have your health creating work recognised and showcased at a national level.

Winners will be announced at the 2018 Partnership Summit being held in Manchester on 21 November 2018.

This year there are three categories:

  • 1. Trojan Mice (watch a video here >>)
  • 2. Getting our 5-a-day (watch a video here >>)
  • 3. Community Assemblers (NEW for 2018!)

>> Download your entry pack here.

DEADLINE: Wednesday 2nd November at 17:00

Sheffield Flourish 2

Sheffield Flourish, winners of the 2017 Getting Our 5-a-day Award


TR14ers, winners of the 2017 Trojan Mice Award

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