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Our core aim is to develop a community of passionate individuals who share a common purpose. In order to be as inclusive as possible, we have moved away from our traditional membership fee model and have adopted a collaboratively agreed set of values as our mark of membership.

Please join the New NHS Alliance if you agree with our values.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NHS Alliance, please call 0121 459 8795 or fill out the form below. 
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Our Values

Please join the New NHS Alliance if you agree with these values:

  • I understand that enabling people to improve their own lives is the most important aspect of a progressive healthcare system (it is more important than ‘improving existing services’)
  • I am open to learning and prepared to innovate to find different ways of working that improve people’s lives
  • I am open to working with a range of organisations, within and outside the NHS, in pursuit of better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • I recognise that people and communities are resource-rich and can hold the solution to improving and preventing poor health behaviours. I am committed to releasing this capacity by enabling people to develop greater levels of Control, Contact and Confidence (the 3Cs of health creation)
  • I recognise the emotional labour involved in caring for others and take steps to look after both professional and informal carers
  • I believe in and practice parity of esteem between patients and professionals, between the NHS and organisations that contribute to health and wellbeing outside the NHS and between those living with physical and mental health problems

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