Health Creation Alliance supports a broad range of sectors and communities to learn from each other on how best to go further in adopting and embedding health creating practices in their place to reduce health inequalities for good.

Learn with us to develop your communities of learning

Health Creation requires action across systems and at all levels. It happens principally through constructive and meaningful relationships where people can learn from each others’ experiences and through blending their ideas. This can best be enabled through bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds, community members and people with lived experience to learn from each other.

Every place is different so diverse place-based communities are important for the learning process. But communities can also learn from each other so a national network of health creators across many sectors is a hugely valuable resource to aid learning.

To deliver long-term sustainable improvements in health and reduce health inequalities, the practice of Health Creation has to become embedded across whole systems. It is not a distinct service or practice that can be learned through traditional teaching. Rather, it is a different way of approaching everything we do. Health Creation needs to become ‘the way we do things round here’.

Learning Resources [access here]

We have a growing range of free resources that you can download, and use with colleagues, to evolve the way you work with partners and communities to help transform your services to make them more health creating.

Discovery Learning Programmes [access here]

New NHS Alliance Discovery Programmes offer learning opportunities through structured, bespoke programmes for 20 to 40 participants. Participants learn with and from others, including those from the same, and other, professional backgrounds.

Our discovery learning programmes:
  • – maximise sharing, discovering with others and experiencing new ways of working within a safe and trusting environment
  • – employ our bespoke reflective Health Creation toolkits to develop the know-how and confidence to do things differently
  • – aim to establish a discovery learning habit that can be continued long after we have stepped back
  • – are only designed when we have a good understanding of a place and services being delivered


Learn how the programme embraces the 5 features of health creating practices

We listen and respond to what is already happening in a locality – building on what is already working there 

We help organisations to understand their strengths and weaknesses through use of the Health Creation Diagnostic tool. This provides an accurate baseline upon which to design learning and development programmes

We help organisations to identify their own strengths and also draw on external good practice and excellence within our own network to bring the right people into the learning experience

We adopt the principles of self-organising within our learning experiences, enabling rapid spread of know-how and expertise throughout systems. We do this by empowering and encouraging professionals and communities to pass on their knowledge and experiences to others, for example, through development of an online sharing forum and offering ‘train the trainer’ learning programmes

We involve community members and people with lived experience within our learning programmes – especially those living within our clients’ localities. This helps professionals and communities to learn how to work with each other as equal partners, giving confidence to all parties as they find solutions together

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