About us

NHS Alliance uniquely brings together clinicians of every kind, and managers and patients. It also brings together providers in primary care – whether they are general practice, NHS Trust, social enterprise or independent – all with a mission to improve and do their very best for each and every patient. Its strong values over the past fifteen years have given it the ear of government, while its tireless work in patient and public involvement has provided a voice for patients. This ethic extends from the NHS Alliance National Executive, who all give their time for free to the frontline clinician or manager, whose ambition is to improve the service they offer. Everyone in Alliance has a day job – that is its strength as the voice of the working frontline – the people doing it.

NHS Alliance has also recently established Accelerate, a new delivery arm, providing project support for policy makers and front line services. We recognise the lack of time and space to work through ideas and the value of a thinking and doing teams, building on the Alliance’s strong local and national networks to build teams of bespoke clinical and managerial leaders, offering a fresh perspective on the problems they face in their own day-to-day work.  We have recently developed a joint initiative with NAPO for the New Models of Care Team to support vanguard sites to develop the best possible clinical leadership.

Our new ‘A Manifesto For Health Creation’, published in May 2017, explains what Health Creation is, contains many stories of health creation and details how practices can change to become health creating. It outlines 10 High Impact Recommendations for a health creating system – and calls for:

  • The adoption of health creation practices
  • System reforms to support health creation
  • Enhanced education on health creation

Please click on the link below to download the Manifesto

New NHS Alliance _ A Manifesto for Health Creation May 2017 (1)