With thanks to:

Everyone on our National Steering Group, both at two face to face meetings and in many other emails and phone calls.  Members of the group included: Chaand Nagpaul, GP and Chair of the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA; David Paynton, GP and National Clinical Lead, RCGP; Rebecca Rosen, GP and senior fellow of the Nuffield Trust; Tim Cotton, GP & Clinical Director, West Hampshire CCG for NHS Clinical Commissioners; Michael Dixon, GP and Chair, NHS Alliance; Peter Swinyard, National Chairman, Family Doctors Association; Russell Vine, Head of Practice Managers Network; Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive, National Voices; Nav Chana, GP and Chairman, National Association of Primary Care; Murray King, Associate Director of Primary Care Strategy Development, Hastings & Rother CCG, for NHS Clinical Commissioners.

All our colleagues who developed additional sections and case studies that have been used throughout the report and printed in full in the Appendices – Edmund JahnGeorgina CraigMerron Simpson, Brian Fisher, Mark Robinson.

For the additional support from three GPs,  Terry Kemple, Bristol GP & President Elect RCGP, Zoe Schaedel, a Brighton GP; and Brian Fisher, a GP in Lewisham, who tested out the findings from the GP audit with local colleagues, reviewing their results as part of a peer review process.

Sarah White & Louise Coleman and colleagues at CFEP UK Surveys for support in the design, analysis and reporting on both the questionnaire for Practice Managers on bureaucracy in General Practice and the GP Audit of appointments.

Miriam Deakin & Chris Bright from NHS Providers for all their support in setting up a joint workshop for leaders from FTs and GPs to discuss issues arising from our research and to all the participants for their time and ideas.

Colleagues at Salix & Co especially Sarah Wrixon, Stewart Laing & Lucy Simpson for advice and support with communications and presenting the findings both as a report and as a web based resource for practices.

Everyone who completed the GP audit of potentially avoidable appointments and the Questionnaire on bureaucracy in general practice, as well as many others – too many to name – who helped on the way, including Jonathan Serjeant, Sion Gibby, Barbara Young, Caroline Kerby, Ken Aswani, Ray Montague.

Finally, we appreciate the consistent support and guidance from Robert Varnam and Faye Sims as the sponsors of this work from NHS England.

And as always, while we acknowledge all the help and support, the final content is our responsibility alone.