Summary of New Approaches

As part of the second stage of this work we were asked to look further at new or different approaches for addressing some of the problems raised by practices.  It is not intended as an exhaustive list of interventions but as a starting point for practices who are thinking about making changes to reduce the workload within the practice.

The Growing Role for Practice Pharmacists  – Appendix 1

Practice pharmacists are now seen as one solution to reducing pressure in general practice. But, says Mark Robinson, Pharmacy Lead for the NHS Alliance, GPs will miss a trick unless they also look for quality improvement when considering this new role

The general practice physician assistant: time to reappraise? – Appendix 2

General practice has been slow to adopt the physician assistant role. Daloni Carlisle examines the latest research and asks whether the role needs reconsidering

Remote consultations: are they safe, effective and efficient? – Appendix 3

Daloni Carlisle looks at emerging e-consultation tools in general practice

Group consultations: a way to spend more time with patients – Appendix 4

Georgina Craig, National Director, ELC Programme, looks at the evidence for using group consultations in general practice and outlines an improvement programme

Support is just a click away – Appendix 5

Daloni Carlisle explains why peer support is so powerful but says it must be trusted and safe for users

Improving communication through Simple Words – Appendix 6

Georgina Craig, National Director, ELC Programme, looks at the evidence of how good communication improves outcomes not just for patients but also for GPs and describes an improvement programme

Can Apps support self care and can general practice respond? – Appendix 7

Eddie Jahn asked GP Principals about their experience of healthcare Apps and looks at the potential gains and barriers to embedding their use in routine care

How online patient record access can save practices time and money – Appendix 8

Brian Fisher explores the benefits of online access – and argues that not only can this save practices time and money but there are patient benefits too

Simplifying data collection for payment and monitoring – Appendix 9

Henry Clay reviews the impact of GPES and CQRS on general practice and makes recommendations for NHS England and CCGs