Pharmacists in General Practice – Simply not enough

April 11, 2017

The New NHS Alliance has supported the employment of pharmacists within General Practice through their document ‘Pharmacists and General Practice’ and within ‘Making time in General Practice’. We have also been great supporters of the commitment to pump prime pharmacists in General Practice and the work of NHS England in driving forward the successful pilot into full roll out. We have also seen the value and contribution that pharmacists in General Practice can make.

However, it is simply not enough. The 1,300 practices across London, who are currently surviving in a very challenging environment are allocated just 84 between then – and many are disappointed at this level and the lack of alternatives.  In Wandsworth community pharmacists have stepped in and supported General Practice on a sessional basis. Last year The NHS Alliance published their report ‘Supporting the development of community pharmacy’. The report offers 8 recommendations on ways to engage community pharmacists in managing the demand in General Practice. We know that several GP federations have approached Local Pharmaceutical Committees asking what more Community Pharmacy can do.

The New NHS Alliance believes that demand in General Practice is at a critical level. We know that working in ways that promote health creation can also help to reduce demand, and we would welcome urgent action to support community pharmacy to go further to manage demand and adopt health creating practices.

New NHS Alliance pharmacy lead, Mark Robinson, said:

“We have always said that Community Pharmacy is an under-utilised resource. It is time to sort this out and find ways of engaging and supporting community pharmacy to work closely with General Practice and with communities to manage demand.”


Notes to editors:

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