Learning resources

How to shift power

Power Deck [download]

Power Deck Narrative [download]

Tools for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to address health inequalities

Quick-start guide for PCNs [download]

Strengthened Communities Programme for PCNs [download]

Coming soon… Health Creation: How can Primary Care Networks succeed in reducing health inequalities? 

Coming soonSteps that PCNs can take to address health inequalities 


Getting our 5-a-day – the five features of health creating practice [view]

Trojan Mice  – ‘How small changes in practice can lead to large, meaningful changes for people and communities’ [view]   

Stoke –  ‘How one community found it’s mojo’ [view]   

How can PCNs be successful in reducing health inequalities –  video from workshop held in July 2019 [view]

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