Specialist Urological Advisory Group

Rick Stern, chief executive, NHS Alliance: “NHS Alliance is always looking for new ways of connecting specialists and generalists and we are delighted to host the NHS Alliance Urology Group offering a practical example of how consultant urologists can work alongside GPs and nurses with an interest in urology and men’s health.  This group breaks the traditional boundaries between care in a hospital setting and in the community.  They are bridging the gap and showing how services can be delivered in a more connected way offering better care to all of us as patients.  By pooling their expertise they offer a different kind of resource to both commissioners and providers of care.”


Chris Booth, chairman, NHS Alliance Specialist Urology Group: “As a urological surgeon from an entirely secondary care background, I have to say that joining the NHS Alliance two years ago has been a stimulating and intellectually rewarding experience that has fully backed up my conviction that we cannot have an ‘integrated’ health service capable of commissioning new services, let alone ‘closer to home’, without specialist involvement. Fortunately urologists have had an excellent track record for innovation and many of my urological colleagues have previously pioneered ‘shared care’ initiatives and participated in DoH pilot programmes such as ‘Action on Urology’ and ‘Shifting Care Closer to Home’ which anticipated the current NHS strategy. The progressive and open nature of the NHS Alliance thus provides a natural fit for what is hoped will be further specialist surgical groups establishing a presence within the Alliance.

“In recent years a significant amount of urology has become ‘medicalised’, such as the treatment of BPH and impotence. However, new research continues to reveal the underlying links these have with wider medical problems such as cardiovascular disease. Consequently a number of urologists have become active advocates for a new ‘Men’s Health’ agenda that addresses these problems in a much more holistic approach that is aligned perfectly with the new early detection and prevention strategy of the NHS. The Specialist Urology Group is thus ideally placed to promote a men’s health brief that will hopefully start to correct our unacceptable high premature death rates in UK men for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. We look forward to this new opportunity.”


For more information, please see NHS Alliance’s Specialist Urological Advisory Group document here.

Alternatively, you can contact Chris Booth directly on 01206 321 253 or the NHS Alliance office on 020 8675 4779.

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