Waving the river calm

June 13, 2014 | Filed under

hhFor this month’s blog and in preparation for Father’s Day, I am trying out a bit of poetry on how fathers can manage their emotional wellbeing positively or negatively. Many I meet are suicidal about being separated from their children due to relationship difficulties.

Here in Salford we have set up an action research project called Salford Dadz. We are understanding the root causes and encouraging fathers to copy other father’s exceptional behaviours We visited the CCG cluster meeting and one GP joined Salford Dadz (as a father) on the spot. This poem uses the very words that the dads have told me they use to successfully negotiate relationships…

Professor Aidan Halligan meets Salford Dadz

Waving the river calm

If you had the chance to wave the river calm

Would you?
Or would you hold up your hand
And be washed onto the rock of isolation
Or jump from the tallest bridge
So the river engulfs you
And you sink
Not coming up for air for years
Maybe you never surface again

Or would you stand thoughtfully
Weigh up what faces you
Stay your temper
Drown your pride
Think positive
Wave calmly at the surging rapids
Rise above it
Say ‘whatever is best for the child’
Don’t give up on her
She needs you and you need her
Keep going forward
I did it, so can you.

Based on interviews with a group of exceptional fathers in Little Hulton called Salford Dadz