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Welcome to the New NHS Alliance

New NHS Alliance is a movement of people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. We have a particular focus on reducing health inequalities and on making the practice of health creation a core part of the UK healthcare system, alongside a stronger focus on preventing illness.

Our mission is … ‘to infect the UK health sector with wellness’


New NHS Alliance has a rapidly growing active membership and current reach of over 15,000 passionate individuals. We invite new members from across the health system to join for free, by signing up to 6 values that they aim to live by. In so doing, we:Enable people to improve their own lives. In so doing, we:

  1. Enable people to improve their own lives
  2. Are open to learning and innovating
  3. Seek to work through relationships and partnerships
  4. Are committed to releasing community capacity
  5. Address formal and informal workforce wellbeing
  6. Aim for equality in all relationships

We attract members from general practice, nursing, pharmacy, mental health, public health community trusts, secondary care, social care, housing, fire service, police, education, local authorities, community development, community groups, social enterprises and supportive individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

We provide opportunities for the health sectors and communities to learn together – both about each other and about new possibilities in health practice. We are focused on what works and on reshaping the system to enable solutions to emerge. Our voice to government and the health sector is informed by frontline realities and possibilities and is unique.

Our work is highly relevant to the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans and Accountable Care Systems.

Membership of New NHS Alliance is free to individuals who will help to grow our lively and influential community and play a role in developing collective understanding of Health Creation. We also invite your organisation to support us actively and to make a financial contribution to our work as a funding partner.

New NHS Alliance is a not-for-profit, self-funded organisation.


Our ground-breaking Health Creating Manifesto was launched in May 2017


It explains what Health Creation is and encourages practitioners to get started by adopting key ‘health creating’ features into their day-to-day practices. Is also sets out 10 high-impact recommendations to create a wellness-based health system to address health inequalities. A Manifesto For Health Creation calls for:

  • The adoption of health creating practices
  • System reforms to support Health Creation
  • Enhanced education on Health Creation

Read our Manifesto here: A Manifesto For Health Creation



Our Values

Please join the New NHS Alliance if you agree with these values:

  • I understand that enabling people to improve their own lives is the most important aspect of a progressive healthcare system (it is more important than ‘improving existing services’)
  • I am open to learning and prepared to innovate to find different ways of working that improve people’s lives
  • I am open to working with a range of organisations, within and outside the NHS, in pursuit of better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • I recognise that people and communities are resource-rich and can hold the solution to improving and preventing poor health behaviours. I am committed to releasing this capacity by enabling people to develop greater levels of Control, Contact and Confidence (the 3Cs of health creation)
  • I recognise the emotional labour involved in caring for others and take steps to look after both professional and informal carers
  • I believe in and practice parity of esteem between patients and professionals, between the NHS and organisations that contribute to health and wellbeing outside the NHS and between those living with physical and mental health problems

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