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Welcome to the New NHS Alliance

New NHS Alliance is a movement of people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. We have a particular focus on reducing health inequalities and on making the practice of health creation a core part of the UK healthcare system.

New NHS Alliance 2017 Action Summit

Join us at the New NHS Alliance 2017 Action Summit on 6 December and be part of a powerful movement that is tackling the injustice of health inequalities through Health Creation! New NHS Alliance annual summits have a proud history of disruptive ideas that can be catalysts for change. This year will be no different! 

Read what delegates said about our 2016 Action Summit:

“Great inclusive atmosphere. Highlighted direction of travel / cultural shift that is happening”

“I found the whole day excellent”

“The entire day was inspirational, and it was so good to meet with like-minded people”

“Got to be honest I enjoyed all of it”

“It was all worthwhile and I have taken a lot away from it”

“Sensing the change in the zeitgeist”

Read what others say about our 2017 Action Summit:

“This Summit is hugely important in the journey the health sector needs to take – from a service to a system, from treating illness to creating health, from the biomedical to the biopsychosocial … whether you are in public health, primary care, a community or acute trust, if you want to be part of the solution you need to be there” – Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor Public Health England

“New NHS Alliance represents the avente garde of modern medicine. We must go beyond pills and procedures if we are going to make a real impact on the health of our patients and communities. Creating health is about the long-term survival of our health services and society itself.” – Dr Michael Dixon OBE, GP, Co-Chair National Clinical Social Prescribing Champion for NHS England and Chair of the College of Medicine

“There’s a lot of talk about solutions ‘beyond medicine’ to tackle the wicked issue of health inequality right now. Of all the voices, the one from New NHS Alliance seems to be the most eloquent and practical.” – Rick Stern, Director, Primary Care Foundation


Our 2017 Action Summit – ‘Health Creation, Wealth Creation: The power of people and communities’ features an inspiring programme of 25 high profile speakers! Click on the link below to see the programme and speakers.

NNHSA 2017 Action Summit Programme

We are delighted that Secretary of State Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt is a confirmed speaker. This year’s Summit will also feature Duncan Selbie, CEO Public Health England and will be chaired by Victoria Macdonald, Channel 4 Health and Social Care Correspondent. It is also supported by compelling case studies and people with lived experience including:

  • Michael Macdonnell, Strategy Director, NHS England
  • Prof Eve Mytleton-Kelly, Director, Complexity Research Group, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Jos De Bloc, CEO Buurtzorg, Netherlands
  • Neil McInroy, CEO Centre for Local Economic Studies
  • Robbie Turner, Director of England Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Norman McKinley, UK Director of Operations, British Red Cross
  • Sophie Staniszewska, RCN Research Unit, Warwick University
  • Ellie Rogers, Leeds Gate, Gypsy Travellers
  • Noel Mathias, Managing Director, WeVolution

The event will challenge attendees to understand why they need to invest in and practice Health Creation, how the 3 Cs of Health Creation – Control, Contact and Confidence – can contribute to improving the population’s health and economic wellbeing, what the financial arguments are for it and how it may reduce demand on the formal health service.

Our dynamic agenda also includes six interactive ‘Excellence Exchange’ Break-out sessions  These will enable delegates to tailor their learning to meet their needs. The Summit will also feature an exhibition area – ideal for networking and learning more from our highly valued supporters and sponsors.

Book Your Ticket Now!

There are a range of tickets for this premier event, starting at £75 (VAT inc.)  Visit Eventbrite to learn more about why our 2017 Summit is right for you and to book your places.


Join us for this pivotal and inspirational event on December 6 …. and let’s create health! 

New NHS Alliance 2017 Excellence in Health Creation Awards

Now in its second year, the New NHS Alliance 2017 Excellence in Health Creation Awards provides you and/or your organisation with an opportunity to have your health creating work recognised and showcased at a national level. The awards will be presented by Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, at the NNHSA 2017 Action Summit being held in London at the Royal College of General Practitioners on 6 December. Winning entries will also be turned into a short, TV-quality video by ITN productions. All shortlisted entries will also get a free ticket to the Action Summit, following which informal drinks will be held.

Download the entry pack by clicking on this link: New NHS Alliance 2017 Awards Entry Pack

We look forward to receiving your entries and good luck!


Our ground-breaking Health Creating Manifesto was launched in May 2017

It explains what Health Creation is and encourages practitioners to get started by adopting key ‘health creating’ features into their day-to-day practices. Is also sets out 10 high-impact recommendations to create a wellness-based health system to address health inequalities. A Manifesto For Health Creation calls for:

  • The adoption of health creating practices
  • System reforms to support Health Creation
  • Enhanced education on Health Creation

Read our Manifesto here: A Manifesto For Health Creation


Medical healthcare only contributes about 20% to our health outcomes and we want to explore work being done with people, patients and communities in the ‘80% zone’. There is outstanding work underway to remodel the health and care systems that will benefit everyone – to improve health and care outcomes, address health inequalities, manage demand for services and ‘humanise’ healthcare – and New NHS Alliance wants to bring this to wider attention.

‘In Search of Wellness’ will premiere at the New NHS Alliance Action Summit on 6 December 2017!

To watch a short video, click here: https://itnproductions.wistia.com/medias/xmxk6bafjo

For more information click here:  http://www.nhsalliance.org/nhs-alliance-tv/






Our Values

Please join the New NHS Alliance if you agree with these values:

  • I understand that enabling people to improve their own lives is the most important aspect of a progressive healthcare system (it is more important than ‘improving existing services’)
  • I am open to learning and prepared to innovate to find different ways of working that improve people’s lives
  • I am open to working with a range of organisations, within and outside the NHS, in pursuit of better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • I recognise that people and communities are resource-rich and can hold the solution to improving and preventing poor health behaviours. I am committed to releasing this capacity by enabling people to develop greater levels of Control, Contact and Confidence (the 3Cs of health creation)
  • I recognise the emotional labour involved in caring for others and take steps to look after both professional and informal carers
  • I believe in and practice parity of esteem between patients and professionals, between the NHS and organisations that contribute to health and wellbeing outside the NHS and between those living with physical and mental health problems

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