Welcome to the New NHS Alliance

New NHS Alliance is a movement of people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. We have a particular focus on reducing health inequalities and on making the practice of Health Creation a core part of the UK health system.


Action Summit 2017 goes down a storm

Health Creation: Wealth Creation: the power of people and communities held on 6th December 2017 was the second of the New NHS Alliance Health Creation Action Summits and it not only met all expectations, it exceeded them on almost all levels!

“Thanks for a revolutionary day!” Maff Potts, Camerados

You can see a video summarising the day here [read more…]

You can read a summary in tweets here [read more…]

And see all tweets at #NNHSASummit17 


Congratulations to our Award 2017 winners and to the runners-up

Well done to dance-troop the TR14ers from Cambourne, winners of the Trojan Mice Award 2017TR14ers
And to Sheffield Flourish winners of the 5-a-day Award 2017Sheffield Flourish 2

A Wellness Learning Programme for 2018

There are professionals and communities everywhere capable of creating the conditions for people to be well … but it’s not in the curriculum. New NHS Alliance has an ambition to address this gap by establishing a Wellness Learning Programme in 2018.

Here are two articles, that between them make the case for developing a Wellness Workforce:

And a short explanation of our Wellness Learning Programme [read more…]

If you are a leading light in your sector and are interested in supporting the development of resources for your sector, please contact merron@newrealities.co.uk

 ‘In Search of Wellness’ – A Collaboration with ITN Productions

Medical healthcare only contributes about 20% to our health outcomes and we want to explore work being done with people, patients and communities in the ‘80% zone’.

‘In Search of Wellness’ premiered at the New NHS Alliance Action Summit on 6 December 2017.

For more information click here [read more…]

New NHS Alliance represents the avante garde of modern medicine. We must go beyond pills and procedures if we are going to make a real impact on the health of our patients and communities. Creating health is about the long-term survival of our health services and society itself.” – Dr Michael Dixon OBE, GP, Co-Chair National Clinical Social Prescribing Champion for NHS England and Chair of the College of Medicine

Our Values

Please join the New NHS Alliance if you agree with these values:

  • I understand that enabling people to improve their own lives is the most important aspect of a progressive healthcare system (it is more important than ‘improving existing services’)
  • I am open to learning and prepared to innovate to find different ways of working that improve people’s lives
  • I am open to working with a range of organisations, within and outside the NHS, in pursuit of better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • I recognise that people and communities are resource-rich and can hold the solution to improving and preventing poor health behaviours. I am committed to releasing this capacity by enabling people to develop greater levels of Control, Contact and Confidence (the 3Cs of health creation)
  • I recognise the emotional labour involved in caring for others and take steps to look after both professional and informal carers
  • I believe in and practice parity of esteem between patients and professionals, between the NHS and organisations that contribute to health and wellbeing outside the NHS and between those living with physical and mental health problems

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