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Launching 1st December 2016
The New NHS Alliance and ITN Productions are producing a news and current affairs-style programme devoted to exploring the change and transformation the health service in the UK is currently undergoing, and focusing on the people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service.

As a new leadership team takes the helm, expanding beyond its core roots in general practice, the New NHS Alliance wishes to build on a heritage of connecting senior policy makers with what’s happening on the frontline of healthcare in the UK, to ensure officials are aware of the challenges faced by its members, patients and by communities; and that the policies and practices developed are truly solutions-focused.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60 year heritage and expertise in storytelling, we will look at the extraordinary breadth of the health sector and beyond, and how it affects the health of the nation. We’ll look to understand the processes and challenges involved in transforming and improving healthcare, the patient journey, community health and wellbeing, out of hospital care and transfers of care. ‘Healthy Communities Healthy People,’ will also examine how the health service can reduce health inequalities and prevent illness.

The news-style piece will combine key interviews and news-style reports with sponsored editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations who are working in the sector.

The aim is to heighten awareness among policy makers, politicians and the wider public about the challenges faced and how policy needs to change, with a focus on primary care collaboration, place-based approaches and Health Creation as part of the New NHS Alliance’s refreshed direction and agenda for change.

‘Healthy Communities Healthy People’ will be an in-depth, online programme providing a unique platform to stimulate debate. It will champion collaboration, celebrate innovation and encourage the exchange of ideas – between organisations within the NHS and between the NHS, communities, local authorities, innovative enterprises and local enablers of prevention and health creation.

‘Healthy Communities Healthy People’ will be launched at the New NHS Alliance Action Summit on 1st December 2016 at The King’s Fund in London. The programme will form part of a communications campaign featuring New NHS Alliance members, professional partners, influential individuals within the government, as well as journalists, writers and bloggers.

Merron Simpson, Chief Executive of the New NHS Alliance said: “The world of health and healthcare is changing rapidly. We are pleased to be working with ITN Productions to capture developments as they happen, to gather insights into innovations and new directions being taken across sectors to improve the population’s health.”

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News at ITN Productions said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with the New NHS Alliance to produce a programme that examines how we manage the health of the nation going forward, including a look at the roles organisations across society can play in engaging communities in health, and exploring how we’re developing future leaders for the sector. We are looking forward to bringing the vital stories that often don’t get told to screen, and engaging all parts of the health community as a result.”

For more information, or to participate in the programme, please contact Charles Woodward, programming director at ITN Productions on 0207 430 4467 or charles.woodward@itn.co.uk.

About ITN Productions
ITN Productions is ITN’s bespoke production hub producing creative and commercially valuable content for the business, commercial, broadcast and digital sectors. Industry News forms part of this offering and is a communications tool for leading industry bodies and national associations produced in a broadcast news programme format, including interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles.
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About the New NHS Alliance
The New NHS Alliance is a value-led movement of people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. It is expanding beyond its core roots in general practice and primary care to embrace people and organisations that can make a positive difference to people’s health and wellbeing. It is focused on heath inequalities and the practice of health creation. It wants to see primary care establish strong connections and collaborations with organisations that make a positive difference to people’s health and wellbeing and become a strong enabler of people-led health improvement.